What Kind of CPR Do Personal Trainers Need?

    Personal trainers are almost as ubiquitous as water these days.  They can be found at gyms (pre=COVID-19, of course); they can travel to your home or condo; they can work with you online through video; they can train either you (or a small group) at a local park, etc. 

    There is an  is almost endless list of the ways a personal trainer can help you with your fitness goals.

    That being said, the chance of a personal trainer's clients requiring CPR or any medical attention has greatly increased, so knowing a little bit of CPR can go a long way to save your client,...or anybody for that matter.

    Why do Personal Trainers Need CPR Ttraining?

    CPR has become a pretrquisite for obtaining, and maintaining a fitness certification. This is a good thing,  as you never know when it would be useful. 

    An exercise setting is a perect catalyst for someone to collapse and go into cardiac arrest, especially older  men who do not get regusalr checkups, and want to feed their egos by working out at hard as they once did when they were the 'star' athlete of their high school.

    One minute, someone can feel fine, but once a somewhat strenous effert is exerted, that could be all that is necessary, and all of a sudden your CPR skills are immediately required.

    Caridac arrest is very common, so everybody should know how to perform CPR and use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). Most Cardiac arrests happen outside of a hospital setting, such as at home or a public setting (ie: a gym).


    Where Can Personal Trainers Take a CPR course?

    In Canada, there are two well-known certifyuing bodies for CPR course:

    i) Heart and Stroke Foundation (www.heartanstroke.ca)

    There is also Red Cross (Croix Rouge)


    -Types of classes


    -In person




    First AID






    Is First Aid Knowledge Imporatnt for Personal Trainers?


    -Diabetes- Hypoglycemia


    -Sprains, etc


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