CPR for Personal Trainers, Coaches, and Fitness Enthusiasts

Who Can Participate in the CPR Class? 

This class is tailored for people who work in the fitness industry,  which include:

-personal trainers

-group fitness instructors

-yoga instructors

-pilates instructors

-gym owners/managers




-exercise physiologists

CPR Reminder 

1) Is the environment safe?

2) Is the person conscious or unconscious?

3) If no response, call 911 and get an AED (Automatic Extenal Defibrillator)

4) If alone, call 911 and get AED (if it's available)

5) As soon as an AED is avaiable, deliver one shock (if instructed by the device)

6) Begin CPR, beginning with chest compressions 



CPR Instructor- David Sloniegura


What Is CPR?

CPR stands for CardioPulmonary Resuscitation. It is a lifesaving technique  utilized when the person is unconscious and not breathing (ie:  Cardiac Arrest), in order to maintain (oxygenated) blood circulation to the brain and vital organs until help arrives (ambulance).