Personal Training and Fitness Programs


Personalized Fitness Program: $100

Fitness programs are as ubiquitous as brown eyes. However easily it is for someone to have acces to a pre-made/ cookie-cutter  program, the issue arises on how to adapt the program to the person using the program. The same thing goes for each exercise in the program, as people are not built exactly the same, nor do they have the same physical abilities/limitations as others. These two factors alone should be enough to understand the necessity have having a program personalized to each particular individual.

The Personalized Fitness Program includes 2 sessions; the first session is a rather in-depth conversation, where the objective is to reveal pertinent information about the individual regarding working out:

-short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals

-exercise experience

-physical limitations/injuries/illness

-what the individual expects out of this program vs his/her commitment/ investment

The second session includes a planned workout, with a detailed explanation as to how to perform the exercises according to the individual's capacity, how to modify the exercise if need be, and how to progress each exercise and the program as a whole in accordance with the individual's realistic objectives.

*Follow-up sessions for program adjustments are strongly advised as needed.


Personal Training:

(at  private studio (Downtown)

1 session (1 hour): $80

8 sessions (2 times per week): $500/ month ($62.50/session)


The goal of personal training sessions is to guide you through workouts in order to reach your intended goals. However, reaching said goals is a two way street; meaning the client has to take as much responsability for his/her own succes as the trainer has to to provide proper guidance. This is why personal training sessions are limited to 2 times per week. The other days per week become the client's responsability to get more workout, stretching, cardio time in, if needed. This way, the client avoids becoming dependant on the trainer, and more dependant on his/herself.... thus better results ensue.


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