Be Beautiful at all (Healthy) Costs

Personal Training Team

David Sloniegura, B.Sc Exercise Science (Concordia University)

Personal trainer, entrepreneur, and founder of FITNESSDAVID

David has been a personal trainer for 13 years and counting. He is also a group fitness instructor, specializing in Muscle Toning, Step, and Swiss ball training.

David possesses a degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University, with additional education in nutrition from McGill University, both in Montreal, Canada. He is certified by the American Council on Exercise for personal training and YMCA for group fitness.

David’s physical fitness interest developed from a variety of sports interests including gymnastics, diving and skateboarding. He is currently a competitive amature natural bodybuilder.

David is the producer of 2 exercise videos; ABNATOMY ©, and ABNATOMY2 ©. He also helped produce and star in the television show En Forme/ Top Shape.

Personal training Specialties:

  • postural
  • post-rehab.
  • bodybuilding
  • fat loss
  • abdominal/ core training
  • butt/ thigh training
  • Swiss/ Physio ball training